Monday, 31 January 2011

New year and new personal pledge.

Tomorrow will be the brand new start of a new month. I shall not be sad to see January wave us goodbye, hoping she takes with her the frosty coldness and whistling winds to make way for milder weather.

To aid me in my creativity and to help me to dedicate myself to the task, I've pledged  to myself that I will make 'A Thing A Day'.  The thing that I'm finding most difficulty with is putting all of my efforts down on paper as it were.
I intended starting this pledge in 2010 but because it was half way through January when I first read got the idea, I put it off until I could start fresh on 1st January.  Obviously, twelve months later I'd forgotten all about it again, but this time on the 22nd Jan 2011 I decided that I must do it.

The first thing I made was a petite silver and ruby ring which is so sweet and delicate, and such a beautiful colour. There's something about the depth of winter which makes you crave the shot in the arm that bright colours give to the spirit.

Next I made a wide band silver ring with holes, loops and beads all around. The beauty of this ring is that it makes a feature out of the annoying way that a ring always seems to turn around when you wear it. Each aspect is different, so the face of this ring is constantly changing.

Then came a day at the kiln when I made the two enamelled hearts and the next day when I made the vignettes for the friendship rings. These are a set of two rings which have an abstract motif which works well as a stand alone ring. But when you place these two rings together, just like your life became complete when you found your soulmate, these rings form the two halves of a heart and only feel really complete when next to the other.

Each day so far I have managed to stay true to the pledge....well with the exception of the day that I lost the key to the courtesy car around town and was obliged to spend the day searching for it.... oh well.

Sunday, 9 January 2011


I reported a convo to Etsy only last week that was sent to my shop which was worded in quite a dubious way.
They wanted to make an offer for the most expensive item listed in my shop.
It came form a brand new etsy account created that same day and they wanted to arrange someone to pick up my item..I am in France and the chances of them being in France too are slim.
I am always suspicious of contact that veers from the norm, so there was never any risk of falling for this one.

The thing that puzzles me is this, this person was keen that I email back my reply, but is there any more information that I'm inadvertantly giving away had I done so?

Here is the actual convo, sent on Christmas day: Check out the account name

You Have a Message From fdjgjoe5jm8945 on Etsy

** Do NOT reply directly to this email.**

SUBJECT: La Vie Est Belle. Statuesque Alexandrite And Silver Ring. Bague En Argent A Couper Le Souffle, listing #61719971

Hi there ,
I want to make an offer for this item, and pls i can only pay
using pay pal, and after payments has been made ,i will arrange for
pick up of the item.will more than appreciate your reply...Email Me on mich*******

Message sent on December 25, 2010