Monday, 4 January 2010

The start of something new

Well, we did it.
We got here safely on Jan 2nd despite the blizzard at sea. I've never seen snow fall on the sea before, and being on the ferry surrounded by big plate glass windows was like being inside a kids snowstorm toy. Surreal.

There was no snow in the village this time, we unpacked the car into the gite next door which is to be our home for the next couple of months while we make the most fab shed in the garden. When the shed is fully insulated and the stove installed, we will live there until the house is ready. I can't imagine that the house will ever be as warm as the shed will be.
I'm obsessed with warmth and keeping/staying/getting warm at the moment.
This morning when we got up, I discovered that Jack Frost had paid us a visit and the windows were adorned with the most beautiful foxtail like patterns. I'd forgotten all about Jack Frost since living in our centrally heated town house in Coventry for eighteen years.

This afternoon we are going to go and make an appointment to look around the local school.
We saw the mayor this morning and confirmed that we would not need permission to build our shed...although we omitted to mention the mezzanine floor.
Going to put my name down for the village bingo session on 16th Jan. Hate bingo and have not played the infernal game during all my adult life, but this is an opportunity to meet more of the local people. Also, the prizes are rather good.

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  1. the window looks amazing, but very cold. It was -6 here this morning when i went to work, brrrrrr.
    Glad to hear you got the kids into school (mom told me) Take care xxxxxxxx