Wednesday, 22 September 2010


This is the bracelet that I spoke about a few days ago, it has such jewel bright enamel rondelles set into silver.
Square is a bit of a departure for me, I'm usually more of a "softer shape" kinda gal when it comes to things like this. That said, the links are offset and are connected almost by the corners, this I think redresses my aversion to symmetry.
The shape of the links and the connecting links works very well in this piece, and it makes a fluid, easy to wear piece which moves as you do. what am I going to call this baby? I've thought of all the 'square-ish' sort of names I can think of and nothing seems to fit. Maybe I could use a little help here. Finding a name for a piece is not usually so difficult for me, having a quirky kind of mind.
So what do you think it should be called? Because it's box shaped link, I was thinking of Pandora....but that name is too far down the road with that company making charm bracelet type things.


  1. I like it - a bit more masculine than your other pieces - how about Cortex? Contex? Carre?

    All the best


  2. Cortex? Interesting, I like it.

    I suppose it is more masculine than the rest.
    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you....Cortex

    Thanks Keith

  3. I'm too late .... but yesterday saw Henri Matisse's 'snail' collage and thought you called call it .....Snail err perhaps not!!! but maybe 'Matisse'

  4. Oops - that should read ...'you could call it...etc'

  5. Hey Alison, Matisse has potential, I'll keep that in the mix for something else I'm working on.

    If you watch closely you may even see a snail or two appear.....