Thursday, 11 June 2009

My body clock needs new batteries.

This morning my other half had to be half way across the country before 9am this morning, which meant that we were up rather early. 5am is probably no big deal to all you hardened souls out there, but it has thrown me right out of kilter all day.

I had plenty of time for a leisurely bath to help pull it all together. I looked at the clock and to my horror realised that it was almost time for the kids to get to school.
We flew.
We were out of the house and across to the school in about 5 mins flat. At this point I have to point out to you that we live almost directly opposite the school gate.
As the girls entered the gate, we waved, I turned for home.
A few seconds later they were beside me again. The door into school was locked, there was no one around.
They thought they were so late.
I laughed so hard. The girls were looking puzzled. I could hardly explain ,
the people who were terminally late for everything had made it to school an hour early!!

This is a one time only occurence.
At least the earliness is. The crapness is here to stay.

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