Saturday, 6 June 2009

New Supplies

Don't you always look forward to the post arriving, especially if you know that shiny baubles may be dropping onto your doormat at any time? Yesterday saw the arrival of some beautiful round agate beads, all different shades of red, purple, yellow, green and blue finished with a matte, almost sugary texture. They came as a graduated strand- you know, the biggest at the front, getting smaller and smaller as you get around to the back. They remind me of the boiled sweets we used to have as children, they look good enough to eat.
I wondered if I should use them as nature intended, as a graduated necklace or go with my heart and mix the beads into a totally random bracelet.
I went with random, and in my opinion, they look TOO good to eat now.
This is definitely a product for all of us girlies who like sweeties but don't need the extra calories. lol

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is looking good - I'm a big kid when it comes to post too!

    For me it is the world of blogging, which I have long shunned, that scares me - I'm very good with computers and my mac is a pleasure to use but blogging . . .