Sunday, 13 December 2009

It's not until you get everything out to pack it that you find all your little lost treasures, the dear old camera that hasn't seen the light of day for a couple of years was found buried under a sheaf of 'vitally important documents'
Photos long forgotten about which had slid down the back of heavy cupboards.
A bottle of Jack Daniels which had been put aside for a rainy day turned up at the back of my wardrobe.

You will be thinking at this point that I'm not one of those people who empty out cupboards and drawers every couple of months. I hold up my hands as being one of life's apple polishers.
I blame my artistic temperament for can you be creative AND tidy? Maybe some of you tidier creative bods might like to share a few housekeeping tips with me.

As I'm packing all my stuff into boxes and labelling, I'm thinking that there are boxes we will need right away, ones that we won't need 'till the summer and others which will not be opened until the house is finished.
When the time arrives that those boxes can be opened I'm hoping that I will have learned to live with a central core of essential items and will not need to reinstate the clutter.

Housework is much easier a task without scores of objects to dust, and if truth is known I do love the idea of uncluttered surfaces.
Wish me luck....

PS. where I have written 'I' read 'we', I'm not alone in the guilt.


  1. Guilty as charged m'lord. For unclutterd I'm thinking more "monastic" than "Grand Designs modern chic".