Monday, 7 December 2009

My old man said follow the van...

Well, the weeks are passing by and New Years Day is getting closer. New Years Day this time is very much more symbolic than any other I've is the day in which we arrive in France to start our new French life.

Saturday we held a Bon Voyage party for our family and friends at a local club, I'm always amazed at how many wonderful people I can rely on to support me on occasions like this- nobody likes to look like Billy-no-mates in front of the landlord and the regulars.

We have started sifting through eighteen years of 'treasure' every piece which is sacrificed, as I'm sure all you other hoarders out there know, will be needed in the coming months.
Packing the important bits into boxes that seem to be full before you know it. The 7.5 tonne truck will be groaning as it attempts to pull off from the kerb.
Mr Lemur, bless him(!) has got the wrong idea about packing. More and more tools keep arriving TO the house and packing the front room has taken on a whole new meaning.

Until our stuff actually moves from the house and into the lorry, I can't believe it's really happening. My mother and a couple of my friends were on the verge of quivering lips at the party, they must have thought me a heartless cow when I was still smiling. It wasn't until afterwards as I read through the cards that I started to feel it, but it's too late to back out now, the contracts have exchanged and it's final.
I'd never felt very tender towards Coventry previously, being a Black Country girl, but now I look around me and it's like seeing it for the first time. The people, the memories and the good times spent here have all become one. I have spent the biggest part of my adult life here and remember some very happy times, like getting married, raising my two girls and meeting the best friends anyone could wish for. At this point you may be asking yourself why I'm leaving, I ask myself too at times.
But this is an adventure that promises to be great. Not easy at times, but spending a lot more time together as a family making it work together is one opportunity that none of us want to pass by.

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