Friday, 26 February 2010

Half Term Adventure

It's true that you never seem to appreciate the delights that are on your doorstep. Just the fact that you could visit them anytime, usually means that you don't.
So yesterday, on the way back home from visiting The Mont St Michel, as we passed through the Norman Village of Mortain, I persuaded the others that we needed to stop and look at The Grand Cascade. I thought we would lean over the wall and look for a couple of minutes before continuing on our journey, but it was much more beautiful than I ever imagined.

There is a path through the trees that draws you down to the water's edge, then a low wooden bridge takes you across to the island in the middle of the river where some thoughtful soul had placed a bench. What a superb place to sit and sketch...when the weather allows.

On the other bank, the path continues on a gentle incline up through the trees, the smell of the leaf mold, the birdsong and the tiny paths were making the children imagine enchanted forests and lost tribes and all the while you could hear the distant crash of the water into the pool.

Up at the top the path opens into a field with benches for picnics and a road that leads back to civilisation.
This place really is worth a look if you are in the Basse Normandie area,


  1. The bridge wasn't that slipprery!

  2. looks like an amazing place for a picnic xx

  3. Just up the road is an Abbey with the most beautiful Norman cloisters as well. Plan to go back for a visit in summer.