Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Yay! Guess which lucky girl has a brand new workbench?

My multi talented OH has taken a couple of days out of his busy schedule renovating the house to build a brand new jewellery bench for me. All of the pieces have been machined to silky smoothness and mortised to perfection so they fit together just right.
The top is made from two pieces of plywood, glued and screwed to make a thick and serviceable place to work, the semi circular cut-out at the front was even lined with a strip of oak, soaked in hot water to make to pliable.
The finish is perfect, three coats of matte polyurethane varnish on the top and beeswax on the legs, it really is les 'boules de chien'
I'm scared to sit at it.

What if I accidentally nick it, or burn it? What if the borax escapes from the dish and leaves an unsightly ring?
I think I'll just brazen it out and blame the kids.....it's worked before, lol.

So now, with no more excuses, I'm finally ready to finish some of the trinkets I've started.
This pic was taken this afternoon after the bench was set out, in it's pristine, blemish free condition. Good eh?

Oh, did I mention, it's oak you know.


  1. Mr Lemur is certainly ver handy!!!

  2. Sorry about the previous spelling mistake messing up your comments !

  3. Thanks guys for all the great things you've said about the wonder bench.
    Yes littlecherryhill, I know I'm lucky to have a craftsman at my fingertips!!

  4. Wow - now that's a fantastic bench!