Sunday, 12 July 2009


I've come to the conclusion that the great, largely untapped area in jewellery is gents jewellery.
I realise that I've not made any earth shattering discoveries here, but it's something that I've been toying with lately. It's a shame that the men in our lives are forgotten a little when it comes to adornment.
The result of this is two fab new pairs of cufflinks. Both of them are made with enamels set into the top, the first has a celtic/shamrock/four leaf clover motif in green. What other colour were you expecting me to say?
The other pair have a scarab design in red, blue and green. I love beetles and creepy crawlies. ( Not to be confused with VW beetles or Paul Mc Cartney of the Beatles)
well, I die when I come across them in the flesh, but have to admit that they have a certain charm when used in design.

Don't know whether I'm too enamoured of argentium silver which I used for the construction of the second pair. This type of silver contains no copper which means that it doesn't tarnish. Ever.
But it sure is funky to work with. If you touch the silver whilst soldering, or put pressure on it with anything, like binding wire which is used to keep something in place for soldering, it crumbles into a thousand pieces, which is not good.
It is definately a completely different skill to soldering sterling silver, one that I'm not sure I'm eager to learn.

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