Thursday, 16 July 2009

Summer Holidays

It has come around to that time of year again when the children have six weeks of fun, fun, fun with me being head chauffeur and play date arranger. I love having the time to spend with them and the six weeks is usually over all too quickly. But what happens to my young jewellery business whilst I'm running around in the park?
Do I allot certain days of the week to work or do I give over a portion of each day?
What I don't want to do is play all day and work all night. There should be laws against that kind of caper.
I suppose what I'll do is play it by ear, get the orders out as they come in and think about new ideas for September. Anything else is a bonus.

Last week I finished three more rings in silver and enamel, big, bold and in yer face. Right up my street. Frankly I've been disappointed with the reaction to my enamel rings. I thought they would fly out of the door given that people like things which are different.
Are they too big? Wrong colours? Just nasty? Tell me because I'd love to know.
Worst case scenario, I can wear them all myself!!

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