Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Getting laid.

You wouldn't believe how sore your knees can get in the space of just an afternoon. Carpet is a very unforgiving substance.
I toiled for hours, stretching and banging, stopping when the sweatiness demanded a cup of tea.
I'd forgotten how much like hard work it was.
Then after about four hours I was done, the room was transformed, we had carpet once again.
My knees really are black and blue, the cats paw tool jobby was as soft as could be, that wasn't what hurt. The real pain came from the friction of the knee that remained on the floor.
Those men who earn a living doing this on a daily basis deserve all the money they make.

I was hoping that same evening to retire to my shed once the kids were tucked up in bed but instead I hauled my aching body onto the computer.
An experiment of mine required a final fix.
I had made a ring with a wide hammered shank and a gorgeous spinel, but having made it as an uncommissioned piece, I had no idea what size I may be required to make it later. Here comes the experiment part.
I assembled the collet and the shank without soldering it together, put the stone into position, and photographed it. To my mind, it was far easier to make the ring a certain size without the constraints of having to consider the gemstone.
It worked a treat, it was so easy to size.
This has set me thinking about other ways that I can lighten the load....

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  1. You'll be needing a holiday to recover.... A nice relaxing few weeks en France should do the trick...