Sunday, 11 October 2009

Grand designs.

Yesterday saw my husband drag us all off to the NEC in Birmingham to visit the Grand Designs Show, a spin off of the channel 4 programme with Kevin McCloud.
The great hall was packed with all kinds of Eco products, labour saving devices and objects of desire.
Five hours of waiting for Mr Lemur to stop chatting to first this stallholder, then that one was only put out of my mind by the most fabulous of cupcakes which was bright pink with purple glitter and a rolo on the top.....that and a chat to the beekeeper man who filled my head full of lovely ideas of bees and hives. I've always fancied myself as a beekeeper in a white suit and a veil.


  1. I thought you were dressed up in some kind of tinfoil spaceman(or woman) outfit!!

  2. No, I'm pretending to be a beekeeper.