Saturday, 24 October 2009

Today Coventry, Tomorrow World Domination

Since the mindblowing news of my last post, life has slowed right down again. I thought momentum was gathering speed, and maybe it was, but now the fact that nothing is happening is making me jumpy.
I could be packing boxes, organising dates, telling the Gas Board what I really think of them. However, until we get confirmation that our buyer has been granted a mortgage, we can do nothing but wait...and for that period at least, we need a gas supply!

On the bright side, the Post Office has managed to find the consignment of stones which I thought would be lost, they tried to deliver it in the midst of the strike, then the sorting office couldn't find it, so I have lots of new moonstones and labradorite cabs to dream about.

I opened another new shop today, my aim from my living room in Coventry is total world domination, How am I doing? Not the best, but I'll keep at it.

1 comment:

  1. I hope you hear soon re. the house sale!! (I would hate to be obliged to give those woodburning stoves a home!)
    What is the link for the new shop?