Wednesday, 14 October 2009

This afternoon after school finished the girls and I decided that we should go to the park on a mission to collect all the natural things that have fallen to the ground since the Autumn season started. Sticks, twigs, leaves, conkers, beech nuts, sycamore keys.
The plan was to build a scarecrow to enter the competition at school.
Building it is always the easy part, the difficult bit is finding the fantastic idea that will wow the judges.

Frankie, my eldest found a big,big stick with what looked like a gnarled foot on the bottom, so she was happy and went on to lash arms onto this stick and build a dress out of newspaper. This dress then took on an Autumn style with appliqued leaves and seed pods.
The head was a celeriac (which in my opinion is a veg only good for scarecrows) with button mushroom eyes and carrot nose. She's still wondering what to do for hair....

Libby, as I've said before, likes all things cute, so little sticks were more her style...and if it could look like a bunny, better still.
She found a stick which appeared to have raised arms, so she made a slinky one shouldered dress, An apple was the perfect size for a head and it actually cried real tears when we pushed the tiny stones into it for eyes!
Two feathers completed the transformation into aforementioned bunny. Voila, Diva Bunny.

Oh yes, I made the front page again on Etsy for the second time in five days!! So exciting.

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