Thursday, 5 November 2009

...and Van Gogh thought HE had a blue period!!

Let me show you a couple of the new things I have just listed in my Etsy shop...there seems to be a blue theme going on. I have to laugh at myself sometimes, if you were to ask me which colour was my fave I would name all the other colours of the rainbow before I got to blue, yet when I'm in the 'zone' creatively speaking, blue is one of my main colours. All of my paintings seem to be essentially blue?!

Anyway, back to blue jewellery, I have had a weakness for labradorite(blue) and rainbow moonstones(blue) for ever. Take a look at my labradorite ring, made in silver with a touch of copper to emphasise the labradoressence.

On a square note,this ring is a smaller version of the celeste coloured one I made in the summer. Don't know whether I like the one inch square or the 3/4 inch square best, I just know that I'm so in love with the depth and vibrancy of coloured enamel.
See what you think


  1. The labradorite ring is really pretty - I like the copper surrounding the stone!

  2. I adore the blue in the ring, it's gorgeous.

  3. Thanks guys, I really need to take photos in daylight rather in the light tent, then you really see the colours shine