Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Yay Us!

Last night, my ten year old daughter and I went to see a live band. The first real'gig' she has been to and the first that I have been to probably since the children were born.
The Jonas Brothers were amazing, the show was fantastic and the songs sounded just like the CD's. The place was packed and our seats were about ten rows back, we felt like we were up there with them.

But two things surprised me last night.

Firstly, security made sure that everyone stayed put in their allotted seat, no straying to the front or even into the aisle. No standing on the seats and strictly NO throwing bottles.

Second, because we were right at the front, I thought everyone would be going crazy, jumping, dancing, screaming.
Do you know how these teens best enjoyed their concert experience?
Through the lens of their camcorder!
I was gobsmacked. Surely you weren't getting the full on experience if you were concentrating on getting everything in shot.

Sign of the times I suppose, you tube is a hard mistress.

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