Friday, 13 November 2009

Coventry Blitz...69 years ago today.

14/11/2009 is the 69th anniversary of the Coventry Blitz, the day when 11 hours of air raids and bombing was unleashed on the city. When the city's beloved cathedral was razed to the ground along with many of the shops and factories in the town centre.

Coventry was the target for destruction because many of the weapons, bombs, bullets and planes were built in the factories that in peacetime made cars, sewing machines, bicycles and aeroplane engines.
The bombers came in two waves, the first delivering incendiary bombs which burned the town so fiercely that the blaze was visible 300 miles away on the south coast.

The next bombers brought explosives which devastated the city's gas, water and electricity supplies,along with countless houses which were built side by side with the small metalworking factories.
In fact, the house that we're living in at the moment was bombed that night, the bomb actually fell on No. 27, two doors down, but it gutted the two on either side of it too.

I will not be living in Coventry next year when they remember the fallen, so I am taking the opportunity of sharing this moving clip, talking to the people of Coventry who remember that terrible night.
Click here for the Coventry Blitz

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