Friday, 20 March 2009

All hail Mother Nature, the most worthy of designers

Hello again,
well finally it feels like spring has arrived. With three days of warm sunshine behind us, I can see that now is the time to put together my new seasons collection.
The use of yellow and green enamel is almost subconscious as I follow the rhythm of nature.
My workshop is situated at the end of my garden and all through the winter months I barely thaw out between sessions there. But now I find that inspiration from the unfolding season is all around me.
The blues, greens and fresh colours of the garden and the sun giving everything a splash of gold.
The twitter of the birds as they are doing their thing. The voices of the children playing in the schoolyard. Lawnmowers. Dogs. The occasional police siren reminding me that I am still in the city.
Then the evening draws in and the setting sun casts its amber glow. That is my favourite part of all. Those are the colours that I will recreate.
And until this moment, I hadn't realised why I had felt the urge to put just those colours together.
The ring I made today was one of the simplest ones that I have made so far. Just a concave copper disc attached to a silver shank.
The top of the ring is coloured in the freshest leaf green, the colour of newly burst buds. The underneath of the disc is an opalescent blue. A pale sky blue which has a translucent quality allowing the copper base to glow where the light hits it....just the colour I was telling you about!

Maybe this is exactly the reason why I feel as if I've finally found my true medium in enamel. I love working with metal and gemstones, my magpie tendancies will always vie towards the bright and shiny, whether it be rubies , garnets, sapphires or the many jewel like colours which I can create with a kiln and a little powdered glass, marvelling at the beauty born of such humble origin.

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