Saturday, 7 March 2009

hello, I'm CheekyLemur. This is the first time that I've aired my thoughts publicly...not sure if blogging is gonna be something that comes easily to me.

Today has seen me in the shed, my own private sanctuary where I think and create. It's where magic happens. And on other days.....not.

The kiln was calling this morning, it had been a week since the last time. I had already cut out some little silver heart pendants, domed them and soldered little loops to the back. It's at this stage where I always reconsider whether I really want to enamel them. So smooth, shiny and perfect. There is always the chance that something unforeseen will happen during the enamel process and render them scrap.

No, I really wanted them opalescent white. They hang offset from one side of the heart, the colours now they are done shine subtly through the white as the light hits it, golden oranges and pinks. Reminiscent of a summer sunset.

Now I have to find a way for the camera to do justice to the colour. The best way I have found is to wait until midday and the warm sunlight streams through the window. I wonder how other people light their photos. Florescent strip is just too sterile and tungsten light too orangey.

Let me see if I can upload a couple of photos to show you what I have done.

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