Wednesday, 11 March 2009

New Treasure

Last night my long suffering husband finally found time in his busy life to set a few rings for me. Maybe I should be doing this for myself, but he does it so well and much quicker than I could.
So now, after much cajoling and lots of cups of tea I have three brand new, shiny, sparkly rings in my sticky mitt, ever the magpie, the desire to hoard all the treasure that we make never leaves me.
Do other people suffer from this ?
I started selling (or should I say advertising as there's been no sales yet) my stuff on a great little website called etsy at the start of the new year. Even though there's been nothing sold as yet, it's very enlightening. The things that I am sure will be popular prove to be slow, you can never foretell these things, there is no accounting for taste...especially mine!!
Check me out on

Made my first wire collet today. It was not something I ever felt the need to do before today and it was surprisingly easy.
The collet I made was to fit a 4mm stone . I think this type of collet would suit a larger stone better as the holes between the wires are rather small at this scale.

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