Friday, 15 May 2009

Commissions, it feels good : )

How good it feels considering the current econonic climate and  the competition there is out there, that I have three new commissions...all at once.
The first  to come along was for a set of five stacking rings made in sterling silver. Different textures and oxidising one made the set really different and exciting. These were all made to a customers specs and although I thought the style didn't appeal to me, when they were finished I had changed my mind, they looked pretty special.
Even though the girl mistakenly gave me the wrong size,  it just took a day to make the five, resize four of them and polish and finish them. When you're in the zone.....

The next one was a set of three stacking rings, one plain and two twisted wire. These were quite simple to make. I like these rings as they are quite twinkly. The top of each twist has a hammered flat which acts like a facet and catches the light.

Now I'm working on a pendant which is going to be set with a large heart shaped tigers eye. This one isn't gonna be easy as the heart is a double cabochon and needs to be set like a spectacle glass. That is where the setting is wrapped around the stone and riveted closed at the bail.
There's nothing like a challenge to keep you fresh.
I have really enjoyed the unexpected turns my working week has taken and I know that it's not always gonna be this way so I enjoy it all the more while it lasts.

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