Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Hi there,
is anyone else feeling let down by the weather?  There were many hot days in April and I was sure that summer would have started by now.
 Not monsoon season.      
  I sit working in my garden studio, rain beating on the roof,  clouds blocking out the last rays of sunlight, wind whistling under the door and I wonder where I dumped my old ski salopettes. I'm not joking here. The salopettes I bought twenty years ago for my one and only ski trip have come into their own.
Every year when I tidy out the loft, I wonder if I should throw them out but there they remain. They are quite a bit tighter than they used to be and they're not pretty.  It;s like slipping under a duvet albeit a duvet that pinches around the waist lol.
I look like a goth version of the abominable snowman.
I pray for warmer weather when I don't have to do a quick change when the doorbell rings. My postman is of a delicate constitution and I won't be held responsible.


  1. It's sunny here!!! Friday was brilliant - bright blue skies - luminous green grass - all the colours of your enamels!!!

  2. It would be wouldn't it! I'm always the wrong side of the Channel.