Tuesday, 15 September 2009

It has taken me a while to get back into the swing of full time jewellery making since the kids have gone back to school.
I have made a few things.....a couple of masters for casting, a pendant that needs to be hallmarked and a few beaded bracelets in the interim, but nothing that I can put in my shop
But today though I finished, polished and set a pair of cufflinks which I have listed. The blue and white enamel roundels which I showed you a few days ago were inspired by the sun and the moon and the way the light changes between day and night, and, judging by the sudden way they have disappeared into work wirh Mr Lemur today, I would call them a hit.


  1. Mr Lemur wearing cufflinks? He's obviously making the most of having places to go and people to see before abandoning his man-about-town lifestyle in favour of wellies and winches

  2. He didn't wear them, just took them in to show them off!

  3. They are certainly lovely cufflinks - deserving of being shown off!