Wednesday, 16 September 2009


I'm glad these pieces got finished yesterday when I felt ok. Today I've been struck down with the dreaded 'man-flu'. We all owe the men in our lives an immense apology for not understanding how dire it can be and for skimping on the sympathy.
So today I have my red cufflinks, a silver and gemstone wirewrapped bracelet and an 18ct opal and white sapphire pendant to put into my shop.


  1. The pendant looks beautiful now that it's all polished up!
    Sorry to hear about the 'man-flu'
    It's when you get hairs on your chest you need to worry...!

  2. PS - the cufflinks a really nice too!

  3. Very nice. I like this.Greetings from the city of ceramic art-Deruta:)

  4. Hope you are on the mend soon...your pieces are lovely.

  5. Thanks guys, I'm Ok now, it's business almost as usual...still have one of the kids at home but I'm planning to ignore that fact and get on with some work!