Monday, 21 September 2009

Showing off again!

How lucky am I?
All of a sudden I find my work in four Etsy treasuries at the same time, which beats my previous personal best by two.
You may think that my head is starting to swell from all the adulation, but it comes at a time when morale is at low ebb-when all the viewings in my shop are up by 23% but no sales.
There may be various reasons why no-one feels like buying at the moment, including the obvious one that my work stinks,
or maybe it's all happening since I stopped advertising with Google Adwords. It was a decision that I made after receiving six bills in the space of 24 hours. It spooked me.
Or my favourite excuse to myself is that it's the lull before the Christmas rush. Sounds feasible to me.
Is anyone else experiencing a seasonal lull?
Anyway , to change the subject back to something a little more heart warming (for me at least)
Take a look at these treasuries. I love the orange tones reminiscent of autumn leaves, pumpkins, sunsets and the new laptop I would have liked....

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